Guerilla Survival

Guerilla Survival

Wednesday 3 May 2023

Edel Project - Update


I did some more work on the growing today since the Sun was shining and it was a great day to get into the garden and get on with the project. Got an early start by doing a friend's garden first which was a good deal of hard work because he wanted a shrub removed with its roots, not always an easy job, especially since he said nothing of this so I had not the right tools to make it easy.

Moved the small meshed poly-tunnel onto the grass as planned, and dug another small area for planting up. also earthed up the potatoes whilst I was working this piece. 

The peas in the tub which was in the poly-tunnel was moved outside now, since the weather is now getting a bit warmer. These are already flowering so will soon be cropping. Time to set new seeds soon.

With the poly-tunnel freed up I dug over the two beds on the sides, extending the one on the left by about 18 inches. Cut back the Swiss Chard and Leaf Beat which were about to go to seed, since these might produce new shoots. 

Dug inside the small plastic greenhouse, and tidied the area around this, ready for planting some tomatoes, cucumbers and/or peppers. Not sure which as yet and may need to buy tomato plants this year, though some of the seedlings are now growing a bit more. 

Moved the small plastic mini-greenhouse out of the poly-tunnel; there are still some leeks growing, mixed lettuce and little gem lettuce, which will be ready in a couple of weeks by the looks of it. 

Dug over the new beds in front of the mini-greenhouse ready to plant the leeks and maybe some lettuce here. The Sun does not get on this area all day because this is north facing. But this area beside the shed is a sun-trap and gets very warm later. 

Both back and front gardens have many bluebells this time of year; in front is the plum tree that I cut back drastically, which is showing new growth though. 

Renegade Lemon Balm from the area at the bottom of the garden; I have potted these up for use in teas during the summer. 

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