Thursday, 6 February 2014


Survivalism is not just about surviving in the wild, it is also about the day-to-day survival of families and individuals, so under this same heading we must include articles on becoming more self-reliant, and especially about growing food for ourselves. This is something that most people can do, even with a small plot of land, or through the renting of an allotment. There are certainly advantages in doing so -

  • The food produced should be natural and without the dangerous chemical usage in mass-produced food. This means less chemical-pollution of our bodies and better health.
  • Home-grown food is by far a higher quality since it is fresher, being taken from the ground straight to the table. It is thus packed with more vitamins and minerals because it is fresher. An offshoot of this is that no transport is needed and thus it is a step towards a better environment.
  • As long as great care is taken and that we move towards the use of seeds from the stuff that we grow there is a diminished chance of foodstuffs being affected by the genetically-modified stuff that is increasing worldwide. This again makes for better food for our families.
  • Although growing food ourselves may not be cheaper in the short-term it certainly will be in the long-term. This must be a consideration since we are in hard times financially and anything must help in some small way.
  • It also has to be a major help if there was a social breakdown or natural catastrophe, since there would be a supply of food available should shortages occur in the (now global-dominated) supermarkets.
  • One of the other things that we need to consider is the psychological advantages of growing one's own food. There is great pleasure in becoming more self-reliant and a little more self-sufficient in a world growing ever closer to total reliance upon the World State - and thus the total loss of our freedom.
  • Gardening is also a very healthy form of exercise which has an end result, unlike the usual forms of physical fitness which most people indulge in nowadays, and unlike the latter which usually has to be paid for (gyms etc.) the former brings something in rather than out. (This can complement some form of Martial Arts training which is not only for health and fitness but for self-defence in a society becoming ever more violent.)
  • There is also a point often missed here, since the more people that take up forms of self-reliance the longer it will take for the Global Regime to complete their destruction of all our freedoms. It will be harder to try to impose restrictions on growing food if more people are doing so.
So, we shall be looking at food-growing for our own use, and hopefully trying to get people to share their views on this in a positive way. There is also the interesting possibility that groups of people can swap within their own group since there is always a glut of something and shortage of something else at an individual level. The object of a blog should be to try to get people involved, and this is what should happen here - but we have to avoid the all too often negative aspect of this and that is the likelihood of some individual or individuals making personal attacks or negative criticisms. If people disagree - fine - but please make sure that any comments are done in a positive manner and not in a disruptive way that causes arguments and friction. (This statement should sort out the people who are going to get involved in helping to keep our freedom from those who are going to deliberately disrupt this process.)

*******These first two articles have been in the way of an introduction to what we are doing, and what we are going to do in the future. We shall move on next to giving our own ideas, and please note that they are ideas that we have put forward due to our having used them. Our aim is to lead by example, and the only way to do so is to do it yourself before encouraging others to take it up - if they so wish.