Sunday, 26 January 2014

The need for some form of survivalism.

This is a new blog created by Wulfinga in order to show people what we are doing in regard to becoming more self-reliant and self-disciplined. The work we undertake is done in order to lead by example. What use the term 'survivalism' rather than 'bushcraft' (which seems to imply something non-English) and 'prepping' which is a term used in the US (and which seems to revolve around social disorder or catastrophic change). The reasons for this we give below -
  • We do not wish to continue the self-defeating use of social breakdown and catastrophic change in a way that tends to scare rather than to emphasise what could happen so that we can be prepared. We set a date of the end of 2012 so that we could encourage people to prepare for future problems, but this can be taken out of context and used to link us to the 'New Age' stuff which has promoted this date. We recognise the possibility (or likelihood) of a social breakdown or a natural disaster and the need to prepare ourselves but we do not wish to create an atmosphere of fear in our people.
  • The term 'survivalism' covers the spectrum of what we aim to achieve by our work in this sphere, 'bushcraft' does not. We are certainly 'preppers' in the sense that we are preparing ourselves for any kind of natural or man-made disaster, but we do not wish to be seen as some form of Christian-orientated group that finds solace in worrying about the future. Stress is something that we need to overcome, for it leads naturally to a weakening of the immune system.
  • We use the term Guerilla Survivalism because it explains the nature of our work which is done in secret locations. Whatever we do does not harm anything and no mess is left for anyone else to clear up. There is nothing sinister in being secretive for this is done because the broad masses do not understand what we do and are not likely to do so until some form of change of leadership makes them aware of their duty and responsibility for their family and kin. This does not seem likely at this time.
  • It is a fact that those with a good knowledge of survivalism do not need a vast amount of equipment, rather they would carry and use the most basic tools which would serve their purpose. Today we are bombarded with new equipment that we 'need' and it serves no real purpose in amassing a large amount of stuff which wastes a good deal of money that is scarce to most of us. The idea is that we build up a small and simple kit made up of the best quality tools that we can afford and carry this as our equipment for practice of the work. The idea of getting more and more equipment hardly takes us away from the mass-consumerism of this society that we oppose. at first there may be a need to experiment with equipment, but by putting forward ideas through our own work we hope that others will avoid paying for stuff that is not needed or that does not work efficiently.
It is more likely the case that the masses will ridicule what we are doing because they really do not understand, or maybe they are afraid to face what could happen in the future - unconsciously of course. I am against massing tons and tons of food and stuff but I would recommend the stock-piling of at least a month or two of tinned food and food with a shelf-life of at least twelve months. This can then be re-stocked at regular intervals as the food is used up. I have had recourse to the use of some stock-piled food when times have got hard and money scarce - which proves to me the validity of doing this. Rather than actually stockpiling masses of tinned food and packaged food we may best serve our aims by growing our own food. This is far more healthy and in the end will become cheaper to do. There is a need for both of these alternatives if we wish to face any emergency that could happen at any time, since food-growing is restricted to certain times of the year.
How many times do we hear the public screaming on the TV when a power-cut takes place, or the gas or water is turned off due to a problem. 'Someone must do something' - not them of course! Even something as simple as the cutting off of water supplies can cause a problem to a household, so stocking up some form of water can help in this type of emergency. So really when we are doing this we are being far more sensible that the average person who goes blindfolded into the future as if nothing could ever happen to them - it does happen. We have seen the results of the widespread flooding and storms across England which are another growing problem - things are getting worse and worse.
The thing about our work is that we have practiced and practiced until we have become proficient in building simple shelters, lighting fires and cooking food on them without being taught what to do so (bar the odd teaching at some of our Folk-Moots by people who are more expert than us and have been taught in some form of organisation that practices this). The basic work can be done without paying someone for teaching, although this would need to be done with specialised parts of the work. But the cost is sometimes very high and our aim is to show that we can do a lot for ourselves. It is the old saying - 'Practice makes perfect' that counts, and only through the actual physical work doing this can we learn anything. The aim must be to make what we do automatic or through muscle-memory which means that you no longer need to think about what is being done.
We hope that people will post useful information and share their experiences with us on this blog. We shall remove negative posts, posts that make personal attacks upon us, or those that we feel may create arguments.