Friday, 1 April 2016

Life Reform - Part Six

The task that I set myself was to change the way that we shop by trying to cut down on using the supermarkets by using local suppliers. This I have done to a great extent, using local suppliers for -
  • Meat - we have used farm-shops in this area, and local butchers too; these have proved to supply far better produce than the supermarkets. The difference in taste can be noticed straight away, and also when cooking the pans are not filled with water which has been used to make the meat pieces look bigger - a typical supermarket trick.
  • Bread - I have stuck to making my own bread since starting this; I make it by hand which may seem strange nowadays since most would use a bread-maker. But I feel that ten minutes of exercise cannot be bad for us, and I have no intention of taking the easy way out which is the modern option. Bread has been no problem at all.
  • Fish - We have used fish-suppliers from Hastings and this has been excellent stuff. The use of a freezer is necessary, of course, as it is with meat supplies.
  • Vegetables - I have used both local fruit and veg shops, farm shops, and some supermarket stuff. Since this is a seasonal product it is difficult to see which is the best value and better produce in keeping. The coming months will give more idea of what to do here.
  • Milk - This has been the one downfall, though I have managed to keep away from the £1.00 for four pint supermarket stuff which is obviously more water-based than milk-based. But raw milk is very hard to get and supplies are not regular; I have, as yet, not tried having it delivered due to the much higher costs, but in the end this may be the only option. There are local suppliers of pasteurised milk and this is certainly better than the normal stuff, but the taste comes nowhere near to the Raw Jersey Milk. This one has proven the only problem and I have to get over it somehow.
We have been able to afford using local suppliers by cutting down in certain areas; we get less snacks to use, and I have cut out alcohol (apart from my birthday recently when my eldest son bought me a bottle of whisky - no point in wasting it!). But seriously I have had sparkling water instead and this has worked out well. I think the lesson here is to use will-power to change what we eat/drink and to make a move towards healthier and more wholesome food. It was a personal choice to cut out alcohol, restricting it to moots and special occasions, for I see nothing wrong with having a drink. It always makes me a bit angry when people try to stop others from smoking or drinking since I feel that is up to the individual. The National Health Service have an obsession with it.
In regard to the other side of this work, the Edel-Project, I am well ahead of time at the moment, have put lots of seeds in and got very good results. Using organic seeds from Tamar Organics the germination seems to be fantastic, especially compared with some other stuff I have used in the past. Also, Hamasson was good enough to give me some seeds he collected himself; these were from another supplier so it will be interesting to see how they go (though I cannot compare them as I put his outside in the open and mine indoors to start). We shall see how these fare.
I also got hold of a copper-trowel (bronze actually) which was rather expensive; these are said to deter slugs since they do not like copper because it conducts electricity. Just to be certain I have used egg-shells around the seedlings, since every year we have had slug-problems with young seedlings. The copper trowel was first thought of by Victor Schauberger, a German forester and inventor, and we shall see if it is true that copper deters slugs. (Failing that I suppose it could be used to hit them with!).
So far the Life Reform program has gone fine and to plan, and there seems no reason to dwell upon this too much now. I will leave this for a while until such time as something new develops. Thank you for taking notice of what I have said and I hope this helps others to make changes to their lives. Doing this helps to break free of the Global Monopoly of the supermarkets.