Monday, 22 February 2016

Life Reform - Part Five

I was not going to publish another section to this for another couple of weeks or so but in consideration of the progress being made I will comment on certain aspects of this work. This is in the hope that it will help others to make the decision to alter their own life-style and more importantly to become free of The System in some small but significant way.

After five weeks now it has become clear that this change is not going to be as expensive as it first looks. Since the change is to food that is sometimes double the price it may seem that this could not be achieved easily, especially as I am on a pension. But so far, through cutting out a lot of the stuff that we 'snack on' this does not seem to be the case. (We only 'snack' because the food that we eat does not fill us up, because the supermarket stuff does not have the goodness to do so.) This seems the best way to go about it, get what you need and leave out what you don't need. 

It also became noticeable when using the supermarket that it was so hard, and needed a lot of will-power, not to pick out things that were not really needed. This is because supermarkets are designed to have a varied choice and stacks of food on the shelves; this is to attract consumers into buying more and more goods. I must admit that it did surprise me as to how easy it used to be to pick up a lot of stuff that was not wanted. Consumerism is backed by all sorts of psychologists, psychoanalysts and other 'psycho's' that are paid to sell the goods to the consumer. Decades ago these sales were done mainly as a service to the public, but the large stores and supermarkets changed this from buying what you actually want to selling you what they want you to buy. On one level this is also yet another means to control people's minds!

Buying from the smaller stores is not always straightforward since some of them are out of the way, so you need to get the stuff while you are there, and ensure that you have got everything you need. But during the last five weeks it has been the case that I have only once had to go out of the way especially to get something, and that was because I refused to use the local Tesco Express to get eggs. But at the same time I got some other stuff we need for the coming week so I do not have to go there again; there is another farm shop which is on the way when I take my daughter to college, which I use during the week. 

Another hurdle to overcome is the attitude that everything has to be done here and now, and that something cannot wait. This, unfortunately, is the core of today's society, where people cannot wait and have to do something on the spur of the moment, even if it means in some way making things awkward or creating a problem. The way to overcome this is through forward-thinking and stocking up well in advance; this will not overcome everything but it will help to lessen the problems. 

Taking this up also means budgeting which is something that today a lot of people do not do. There is a need to put a lot of time into this, through carefully checking what is bought, how much, and how much one has to spend on food in the first place. Not only is this needed in order to ensure that there is enough money to buy the food in the first place, but also using a form of 'book-keeping' it is easy to find areas where you can save even more. What we are looking for is to buy only that which is needed. There was an old saying (*) that went - 'Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.' This is indeed, like most old sayings, true wisdom, since it is the way to save money which can be released for other things. 

Perhaps the greatest problem today is the 'Welfare State' which was started in order to help those in real need, but which has not only been abused since it first came in, but today is the reason why millions of 'refugees' can flood into our lands and get free handouts to live on. But aside from this there is another, maybe more sinister, side to the 'Welfare State'. In my father's time and my grandfather's time the man went out to work whilst his wife had the role of bringing up the children. The wife usually went to work part time when the kids were at school, thus bringing in a little more cash into the home. But today many homes have both parents out to work, using the State System to put their kids into school at an earlier and earlier age - thus allowing the state to own the children from the very early years. This may allow a little more luxuries into the home, but more often than not these are bought through credit. Thus making many households in debt to the money-lenders. 

It was also the case that up until recently benefits were paid for people out of work, but not needed for people who were working. This changed over the past few decades (**) with low wages being paid by employers, and workers having to claim 'Tax Credits' to top up their low wages. This, of course, made these people (which are more likely a majority number) reliant upon the State System again. Then there is 'Housing Benefit' and 'Council Tax Benefit' which are local-government handouts needed by those on low wages. Now we can see why the British State is not bothered about unemployment, nor about the low wages paid out by employers, because whilst the majority of people have to claim State Benefits the State controls their money! The State also, to an extent, controls your pension when you retire, even though the pension you get is dependent upon what you have paid in throughout your life - i.e. this pension is really your own money you are getting back. This is how far these powerful interests are controlling our lives!

What we need to do is to take the chance now to become more and more self-reliant and as self-sufficient as possible. This can be done by growing our own foodstuffs and by getting our own food from hunting, fishing and 'road-kill' etc. This must be the long-term aim. But it cannot be achieved overnight and we need to work slowly towards that end. I have grown my own foodstuffs for years, but not to such an extent as to be able to say that I am really that much more self-sufficient. The aim now is to change all that. This year I have already started to get ready for the growing season and have sown some seeds around the middle of February. Using Heritage Seeds means that these will be used to produce seeds for next year, and this should continue into the future. This should be our aim at this point.

The point about seeds is that most seeds today are F1 Hybrid and thus will not readily produce seeds for the next sowing, meaning you have to buy in seeds again for the next year - from the seed-merchants. All of the large seed-merchants produce such F1 Hybrids deliberately so as to gain a monopoly of seed-selling and to sell the public seeds year after year. By using Heritage Seeds this cycle can be broken, these seeds can then be assured a future, and in the end no cost will be used in growing our own food - food for free! This is the next stage of this project. 

The next stage will be to extend the growing season to as long as possible whilst not going against Nature which is something we need to avoid. This does mean growing under glass or polythene, and this is the next step that I shall take. I already do some of this but will later this year start to expand this greatly. There are also other ways to grow outside of the usual seasons and we shall also look at this in a future post. 

(*) These Old Sayings and Old Proverbs were once held to be the fount of wisdom but sadly today the 'know-alls' that come to the fore have discarded them in favour of new 'wisdom' which, of course, is rather questionable since wisdom is built up over centuries or thousands of years and does not spring up instantly. 

(**) In fact this change has happened in my own lifetime. When I was first married and had children in Leicester I had to go out to work whilst my wife looked after the children. At that time I was not in a well-paid job, indeed we had to work many hours to get a living wage. Nevertheless, this wage paid all of the bills even though it meant being without 'luxuries', and we could easily live this way without any form of state-handout at all. Today people want more 'luxuries' but what we should look at is not the 'luxuries' but our needs. Then we can get back to a simpler way of life which will be naturally freer, since it means less reliance upon the State. 

I would recommend that you check out Thule Perspective (YouTube) which is the work of Vargs Vikernes. On this site he has a lot to say about individual freedom and about a simpler living. I have only just recently looked at this (over the past couple of days) and it has been an incentive for new ideas on the 'Life Reform' project. This YouTube Channel and one by Varg's wife are really excellent for studying our Folkish Religion too, since they both have a wealth of new ideas on Norse Mythology. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Life Reform - Part Four

This is the fourth week of this experiment which has been kept up as planned; all that we have bought from the supermarkets is non-food stuff, some fruit, some vegetables and sparkling water. This adds to around 10% of the shopping bill so far which is well within our target. We have bought the following foodstuffs from Farm Shops within the local area or at Farm Shops we would pass normally -

Meat - all of the meat has been bought from local Farm Shops or Butchers selling local meat; the quality we have found to be far superior, far less water than the supermarket meat and we know that it is neither kosher or halal meat (slaughtered in an inhumane way). Such things as sausages are far better and all that we do is cut the number we eat down; since the sausages are much bigger this cut-down is not quite as much as it first seems. 

Bread - I now make my own bread which has been from either wholemeal flour or 'Wessex Cobber Bread Flour' (with wheat grains); this makes three small loaves for £3.20, around £1.07 per loaf. They are a lot smaller than the supermarket bread but since they are not all air they are much more filling and thus less is needed. 

Milk - We have had to use different types of milk for the last couple of weeks due to the Farm Shop supplier closing its normal shop and having only a temporary shelter for this time. Supplies of Raw Milk were not on the shelf for this time, but have been renewed now. They supply Raw Jersey Milk which is really creamy and no doubt better for not having the good bacteria killed off by pasteurising. However, we had to go for Pasteurised Whole Milk from a Sussex Dairy which was better than the supermarket stuff, and also 'Delamere Dairy' sterilised semi-skimmed milk bought from the local One Stop (owned by Tesco's). This was creamy and comes in a glass bottle, does not have to be refrigerated until opened, and has a shelf-life of around 4 months.

There was one thing that struck me straight away with these different types of milk. The Raw Milk comes with a 'health warning' because it is not treated and thus may contain harmful bacteria; yes, maybe decades ago this was the case but today's farms have much more stringent checks. And the good bacteria are not killed off as well as the bad. The Delamere Dairy Milk calls it 'Cow's Milk' and the Sussex Dairy's Milk states - 'Proper milk please shake'. 'Proper Milk'! - So what exactly are we getting from the supermarkets? Well it certainly does not need shaking since it has no cream, so we can assume it is mostly watered down. 

I have also cut alcohol out as much as possible, maybe just having the Mead at our Folk-Moots. I have not had any since starting this Life Reform Program and have kept to this and will continue to do so. We still use some processed foods and we shall still stockpile some tinned food, though this will be lessened as we get further into the program. As I said, we cannot cut out the supermarket altogether, but we can find as many outlets as possible for our foodstuffs, and maybe later other goods. 

There is another side to this, and that is the use of will-power to achieve these goals; this takes a good deal of will-power to take the harder way since sometimes it means going out of the way to get stuff. I have also started some fitness training again, taking it steady from the start after my back injury; also now getting back to Martial Arts Training too. The Survival Training will then start again soon and I shall be upping this part of it again over the next few months. I hope to get back into the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag program again during the spring-summer and using videos and slide-shows to show what this is all about. This all takes time.

I have always kept a level of fitness but never gone over the top with this; being retired I feel the need to keep fit and active so that I can face future problems much easier. This is something that everyone, young and old, should consider - especially when being part of this great struggle. If more and more people take up this type of program the small English Farm Shops and Butchers will survive into the future, and then England will have a future.

I have started preparing for the growing season now, even though there is so much to do that I doubt if this year will be as good as I had planned. The need for so many changes will make this difficult, and it has to be taken alongside the other things that I need to do. But we shall get there in the end, and I already feel far better for the changes, so this cannot be a bad thing.